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Masheba Webb is a phenomenal artist. Her vocal styling will take you on a journey through jazz, soul, and gospel and take you in to pure worship. Her vast experience working with many well known artists, touring, and performing in many venues nationally has developed her into such an amazing professional. She has become an artist in demand. Masheba is currently living life in the sunshine but she has seen a few cloudy days. She has come through addiction, domestic concerns and a life threatening physical assault. But God! And not only can she testify and sing your soul happy but she can also fee your soul. Masheba owns a catering company called Just For Us Catering. She is truly a willing vessel and a gifted artist. “Now God so loved us the He gave his life for us that whomsoever believe shall have everlasting life” is not only biblical but it is also the lyrics to Masheba’z new song “Just For Us”. This tune is a hit and you can enjoy it by downloading it from all digital outlets. Book  Masheba today. She is available for concerts, conferences, touring and virtual events. Email April Berry at aprilberry1@yahoo.com or call 248-277-1688. You may also contact Masheba on Instagram and facebook at Masheba the artist and youtube at Masheba Webb Music. This amazing young woman is an independent artist that you definitely need to pay attention to and support.

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