Congratulations to Looze Cannon as Spotify has acknowledged him for reaching 100,000 streams with his latest project “Lil Glen”. Looze hails from the home of Motown and is a remarkable writer, producer, rapper and vocalist. You can hear his hard work and dedication to his craft through the advanced and high quality of his music.

This is the Sonya Purdy interview with Looze Cannon on 12/23/20 in Detroit, Michigan:

Sonya: “Looze how do you feel about achieving such a great accomplishment?

Looze: “This accomplishment feels great but it is not just an accomplishment for me. This is due to the work and dedication of my team and my supporters. We winning! Lets keep it going”.

Sonya Purdy: “What was your vision for this project?

Looze: “My vision for this project was to test myself musically and test my focus because so much was going on during this process due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Before the pandemic i was debating on releasing my sophomore album but i didn’t want to chance what i feel is my best body of work while we were shut down and the ending or slow down of the pandemic was and is still uncertain. So i recorded all new music and chose a few tracks and created the “Lil Glen” EP which gave me a chance to have some fun creatively and to give my supporters something to enjoy during extremely drastic times”.

Sonya Purdy: “What goes in to making such a great body of work?

Looze: “Passion and knowing where you want to go musically. Also trying to be creative as possible. It also takes patience and trusting the process. You also cant get caught up in what everyone else is doing and just stay focused on your craft and produce your best work.

Sonya Purdy: “Is music your only passion? Would you consider acting?”

Looze: “Music is my life. Acting would be more of a passion. I would love to act. And when I produce a song I have to tap into the emotion of it just as an actor does with a character. This helps me to really tap into the depth of my creative ability”.

Sonya Purdy: “Who or what are some of your inspirations

Looze: “Michael Jackson was one of my first inspirations in entertainment. Seeing how people reacted to his presence was exciting to me and made me interested in being an artist. Other inspirations are groups like Kris Kross and naughty by nature, just their crazy beats and creativity caught my attention. Seeing someone wear your clothing style to mimic you was amazing to me. Just seeing the Hip Hop culture as it evolved has really impacted me. Falling for music and wanting to do it was also impacted by being around my mom and pops and other family members. But actually seeing major artist perform and amount to so much success, was really major for me.

It was a pleasure to sit down with Looze Cannon. You really need to go to all digital outlets and download his music today. You can also check him out on all social media platforms. Lets help him get to 1,000,000,000 streams.- Sonya Purdy 12/23/20