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Producer. Songwriter. Artist.
  Florida native, APVEEZY, has been making music longer than he’s actually been acknowledged; writing raps since age 11 and making beats since age 16. Despite the length of time it’s taken for him to, actually, release his music, he still retains an ear for what’s trending and remains sharp in lyricism.
  Although, Florida is widely known for it’s “Miami Bass” era, VEEZY’s Wordplay, content and creative compositions hold weight in the rapid-growing Progression of Florida’s overall sound within the Rap genre. Born, Sidney Gailyard, VEEZY has been releasing Rap Music, in his leisure, since age 17 and, as of recent, has taught himself how to mix and master his own recordings.
  APVEEZY considers himself, somewhat, of a Perfectionist. Willing to endure long hours of tutorials, trial and error to obtain the Quality he strives to incorporate into every song. His commitment to the Art has brought him a long way from aspiring mixtape rapper to a, now, Trending Independent Artist. So..whether, criticism or kudos, with the kind of Drive and Passion VEEZY possesses, he’s definitely not one to shy away from neither of the two.

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