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Bellie Bando -Jail Break (Music Video )



I am a classically trained contralto and graduate of “Professional Performing Arts School” in Hell’s Kitchen, NY. Traveling from group homes, and visitation rooms to visit my parents molded my future in ways that I felt it would be better to tell you in song. My music comes from a painful, impoverished place where you can still find beauty, love and triumph. My music is trap soul which enables me to sing songs that resonate with women internationally. My algorithms are international.  Message Behind the MusicThe songs that you are about to listen to are from my album “Conjugal Baby.” Yes, I said, “Conjugal Baby!”…That is because growing up my parents were incarcerated.   Conjugal Babies like me are powerful, successful, strong, whitty, clever, sexy and we are the ultimate winners when we remain gangster in every situation as we triumph through the hardships of life. I have created this album for women like myself who are often considered too tough as opposed to shockingly resilient.   My sound is a cultivation of styles that so elequatey became what I call:  ‘Trap Soul.’ Trap Soul music incorporates Rap, R&B, Reggae, Reggaeton, Alternative and even Pop/EDM  because the music is not so much about the beats as it is the LYRICS. Luckily, the sound is new and still captivates genres that will make you dance…. because what is better than music that makes you feel good, right?! Perhaps, music that makes you cry, right?! Oh yes, after you vibe with songs like “Typa Gangsta, TPE, and others that are easily considered hip hop records, you will come across my softer side with records like my hit single Jailbreak, Divorce, and Hustler of the Year.   Why Me?My songwriting approach will remind you that pretty women have several different levels of expression and with that comes a boat load of stories to tell. My records will unapologetically tell the stories that women face everyday while still remaining current and entertaining. People generally like my music because while every record is a crowd pleaser, these records depict controversial experiences that take place in trap life.   “Jailbreak” by- Bellie Bando, a love story between a drug dealer and a now single mother as his hustle has landed him in prison. “Hustler of the Year ” by- Bellie Bando, an inspirational record with a break-down that embodies “twerk culture” . Nevertheless, this record hits topics like stripping for money out of desperation, being a single parent, prostitution and even rape. The song is a testimonial that also encourages people with HIV to wear protection when intimate with others. What to Remember From me…I believe the most attractive thing about me as an artist is the fact that I WRITE ALL MY OWN MUSIC  and I am an unsigned, and independently funded artist.    JAILBREAK

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