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De’Ante Roberts – Back To You

Texas-based R&B singer and songwriter De’Ante Roberts has teamed up with fellow artist Trials to deliver his brand new single Back To You.
This is an infectious slow R&B jam packed with soulful vocals flowing effortlessly over a smooth and sensual production. I am really loving De’Ante’s vocals and how passionate and soulful they are, perfectly showcasing how his intensified style of singing and profound passion that will bring a new vibe to R&B. I am also enjoying the flow of Trials’ rhymes and how they give the song a cool edge and urban touch. Back To You reminds me of the golden era of 90’s R&B and sounds like the perfect song for some relaxing bedroom sessions. Check it out below!

De’Ante Roberts- “Back To You” in Full Rotation on http://ventradio.net/

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