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G.A.S.S Wurk Lost Your Mind

Lost Your Mind

Nicholas Iorg aka G.A.S.S Wurk was born and raised in South Sacramento, CA. Growing up all I really did, was play sports and write poetry. I have always been intrigued by music and where it would mentally and emotionally take me. As a kid, I never recognized how powerful music was in my life, but as I continued to become a man, I was able to look back in hindsight and recollect the breakthroughs that were made simply by reciting lyrics. In the fourth grade, when life had no real responsibilities, I would write poetry all the time, and it wasn’t until I was about 15, when I started realizing, music to me, was just poetry with a beat. So I would say, I’ve always had a deep passion for music, but when I turned 15, I believe that’s when I discovered my gift and was able to truly build a vision on this peculiar, creative, platform that is fueled by your own individual persistence, grind, consistency, and content. 

Back in 2008 I got highly engaged with putting out music, doing shows, interviews, managed an independent magazine, and I could see what the ground work and foundation was beginning to produce. At the same time, I was selling pounds of weed, and still hustling heavy, so there was always that pull in the opposite direction. I ended up in jail, April of 2014 and got a year with half. I really gave my life to God when I was in for that little stretch of time and it changed my perspective on all things I seen from that day forth. I understood that when I first started rapping, there was an undeniable aspiration I had, but it was for self. Now, I feel my music has a way bigger purpose and it’s focused upon those that are in need of a healthy change. So now the message, the timing, and the cadence has had a chance to evolve. My sound, and my story line has been cultivated and culminated into a piece of art that represents so many of us hurting today. I am a faith based artist creating music that has pain, intertwined with real life experiences. I’m rapping testimonies of who I once was and how I’ve overcame the things that were meant to break me. Since quarantine hit, I’ve created 3 full projects in entirety. My Debut Album “Faith Over Fear” drops October 3rd and will be available on all digital platforms. I have an EP entitled “Relatable Glory” that will follow sometime during the first quarter of 2021. I’m going to start recording my third project “God’s Timing” mid September. You can find Me on all social media platforms under Gass Wurk!! Get Familiar Fast, Not Slow!!! They Call me G.A.S.S Wurk!!!

Social Media:YouTube – G.A.S.S. Wurk Instagram – @GassWurkSnap Chat GassWurk Facebook – GassWurk 


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