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Jazmyn Alexis (Up N Up)

Jazmyn Alexis is a Singer-Songwriter, RnB- Pop artist who is originally from Cincinnati, OH. She moved to Chicago after High School and then officially released her first debut project in 2017,  this project is called, CHEESECAKE. In 2018, Jazmyn released her second studio project, which was the CHEESECAKE sequel, CHEESECAKE II: Sliced. This album lead to numerous opportunities for the rising star peaking at 250k streams on Apple Music alone. In July of 2020, Alexis released her latest and official debut Album, Whip Dream, Produced by Eric Surreal. This album has pushed Jazmyn to her highest accolade to date- Alexis was gifted her own day (July 8th) in her hometown, announced by Ohio State Representative, Sedrick Denson. Currently Alexis is working on Whip Dream Video content and her 5th studio project.

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