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Kamaria Tilley – “I have a dream”, highly anticipated new album!

Kalamazoo, Mi – Teen Pop and R&B Superstar Singing Sensation and MJM Enterprise recording artist.

Kamaria Tilley, the superstar Pop and R&B singer from Kalamazoo, Michigan, has delivered her highly anticipated debut album, “I have a dream” and it is absolutely exquisite. The lead single entitled, “Note Book“, show’s off Kamaria’s flawless blend of vocals, song writing and beat selection as well as demonstrates the time and considerable expense that Kamaria’s label,  MJM Enterprise Record Label and her club Team Kamaria put into each song’s composition. The premium production team syncopates the mix levels so that you hear every note in perfect harmony. This new Kamaria Tilley album is a classic and an excellent introduction to the world.


Kamaria Katrice Tilley


I Have A Dream


Note Book


R&B, Pop

Recording Label:


Management Team:

Release Date:

Expected Feb 14, 2018 – Pre-Order Now


Kamaria Tilley is a 16 (sixteen) year old singer, song writer, performer, and community activist from from Kalamazoo, Mi. She began singing at Galilee Baptist Church at the age of 5 (five) and went on to perform and win at numerous talent shows like “The Best New Star Kid” in Chicago Illinois and “The Best R&B Vocals” in Detroit Michigan. Since then she has been called to sing The National Anthem several times for celebrities such as, NFL Star Greg Jennings for Home Coming at Western Michigan University also for KVCC Women’s Basketball Tournament and more.. in addition to the aforementioned accomplishments Kamaria Tilley has opened for and received accolades from big name such as SWV, Carl Thomas, OMG Girlz, Mindless Behavior, The Dazz Band, The
Dramatics as well as for Actor/Comedian Sinbad. Kamaria and Sinbad went on to do a duet at the Laugh Fest in Grand Rapids Michigan that has received rave reviews. The historic Idlewild Music Festival in Idlewild Michgan received Kamaria in 2016 to perform at the legendary event.

On a more personal level, Kamaria Tilley graduated from Barbizon and has been using her influence to help her community and is actively involved in anti-bullying campaigns, Her activism, charisma, down to earth attitude, and  powerful songs for her generation causes her fans to seek her out for direction and counsel. This is a responsibility that is dear to Kamaria’s Heart (Stop the Violence).

Here are some of Kamaria’s other accomplishments:

  • She just featured in “HeartheRain” with JKT which also can be seen on Youtube
  • Has radio play with 103.3 WKFR, 89.1 WIDR, 95.5 The Touch and 107.9 Hotlanta
  • She was a guest star on the Lori Moore Show 2x
  • She has been in several musical sat Western Michigan “The Underdogs”and’ Dreama Musical”
    “Hairspray”at the Civic Auditorium where she was youngest casted.
  • She shared the stage with Orlando Brown from “That’s so Raven” in the wizard of oz play at
  • She made history in Grand Rapids,MI by being the only music artist and the youngest to open
    the laugh fest.
  • She was also a gueston news 3 speaking about her dreams and her music
  • she also was the youngest to perform at the Soul of the City in Grand Rapids,MI.
    She also represent the Kalamazoo Promise by singing at there National events.
  • She also as performed at the Mothers of Hope in Kalamazoo,MI
  • She was also handpicked by our Mayor of Kalamazoo Bobby Hopewell to sing the
    National Anthem in downtown Kalamazoo for The National Color Run event.
  • She started a Community event in Summer 2016 called The Stop the Violence Bash where she raised money to donate to one of the 2016 shooting survivors Tiana Carruthers she will be
    holding her 2nd Annual Bash Summer 2017 and donate the funds to someone in need.
  • She just signed her first contract with MJM Enterprise in Spring 2017
  • Her dream is to become a music icon and one day and be able to beables sing toot hers by
    giving back to the community and the youth around the world

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Track list: Kamaria Tilley – I Have A Dream

Kamaria Tilley
I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream

Kamaria Live in Icon Studio:

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