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LEO Sehguh (Pineapple)

I’m an Austin Texas Rap Artist that draws inspiration from acts such as Kendrick Lamar, Rico Nasty, and Danny Brown. I discovered my love for rap music during my sophomore year of high school, watching the “Freestyle Friday” segment of 106 & Park. From there, there was no looking back. When the rapper, Blind Fury, was able to destroy his opponents without even knowing what they look like, (he was actually blind) I thought, “I can do this too. I know I can.” That led to me freestyling, and freestyling led to writing. I even went on to win the talent show at my high school that year with a friend, doing this music I came to love so much. I’ve been releasing full music projects for about four years now, with my first album, Melancholy Gummy Bears, having dropped this past December. The song attached to this email, “Pineapple”, comes off as a fun love song that makes you want to dance, but it’s actually a song that talks about an addiction to drinking as if the addiction was a beautiful and permiscuous woman. I hope you enjoy the story I tell with this track. 

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