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Nil Is Headed To The Top of The Spindy All Indie Charts with ( I Know)

Hello i would like to take this time out To let you know that Iam thankful for the platform you have provided artist to display their music that’s a blessin my name is Denise Dempsey head of (AVMGMUSICGROUP)below is more info and where you can find the artist NIL  on social media also here is a link for all DJ’s and radio stations NIL also have 3 singles  ( Nights In London)  (Not In Lust ) and( I Know ) the DJ pack for (I Know ) is here 

It’s a noisy world, and in the chaos of constant content, it’s sometimes difficult for a bona fide artist to become recognized. But that noise is about to take a back seat to talent with the release of Florida rapper Nil’s latest single ( I Know) On all digital platforms

(Nil -I Know)

This feel-good, have-fun vibe from one of the country’s fastest-rising young talents is already making waves throughout the clubs and party scenes of the south, and it’s set to make a splash all across the U.S. in major ways with the release of a new music video. The song uses a familiar situation for many people in the world and puts a modern day spin on learning how to say no to opportunists.

“It’s essentially a song about coming from nothing to something and the people who only want to be around you when you’re up,” Nil said. “In the video, there’s me and the girl I’m with who says that I’m not gonna be anything and she leaves me but suddenly, my career takes off. I’ve got cars and a house and other girls and she’s trying to come back in my life, but it’s too late. I’m not dealing with her anymore. She left me at the worst part of my life when I had nothing going on and now that she wants me because I’m up, it’s too late. I hope people learn from that – you could be down today but tomorrow you can be up, and there are people out there who will want to be with you not for you but because of what you’ve got. Don’t surround yourself with people who are only there because they caught the vapors.”

Nil is an exciting and original artist who delivers moments and experiences to his audiences. While admiring his rhyming and rapping, listeners will quickly discover that Nil is also a versatile R&B singer. Raised on R&B, Nil adds an essence of R&B music to all of his rap tracks. And he has no interest in portraying violence in his rhymes. Instead, he’s bringing good times and fun back to Rap music. With support from Pride Rock Entertainment in Fort Lauderdale, Nil has released a trio of new music which stands out from the norm but is relevant. Recorded at Fine Line Recording Studio in Hialeah, FL, each track on his EP “Nil” has a distinct style. “Nights In London” (produced by Cold Cardier) has a huge international sound and is something he said should make waves in many other places around the world.

“I’m especially happy to hear that it’s being played on the biggest station in my home town of Rochester, New York,” Nil said. “It’s also on iHeart Radio and is starting to be played in a lot of other places. The biggest challenge for me so far has been getting more exposure. It’s been a real hard time getting the numbers up on my streams and views on YouTube. I’ve been working day and night on this and trying to get people to know I’m here. And music is just one of the many things I can do as an entertainer. I’m a painter and an actor and a businessman and many other things. I’m universal. I’m everywhere.”

More than that, Nil is also a philanthropist and works hard to give back to the communities that are close to his heart. Born in Harlem, New York, raised in Savannah, Georgia and went to high school in Rochester, New York, Nil currently resides in Florida. All of those places receive love and attention from him as his career continues to take off.

“My whole focus is to do my music and take residuals I make from the business and see what I can do to chip in and help the kids,” he said. “It’s a blessing to be able to do that. I thank God for everything I’ve got. I’m a humble dude but I’m a confident dude and I love to create. But there’s a purpose behind this whole thing. Music is just a door-opener for me. I plan on doing a lot of work in the community and being an entertainer across many mediums for many years to come.”

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