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Shawn Giftz-If I Cry

Deshawn Levell Glover also known by his stage name of “Shawn Giftz” is an American Trap Soul and R&B artist from Queens, New York. At the age of ten, Shawn Giftz decided to start penning his own songs down after falling in love with the R&B and Hip-Hop genres of music. The main artists that inspired Shawn Giftz sound are Trey Songz, Drake, Lil Wayne, Usher, and J.Cole.  Music has been therapy for him and he strives to spread his music with the hope of it being therapeutic for other people. He also hopes his music can positively impact everyone who listens.Shawn Giftz recently released his new single “If I Cry” and is currently working on his next project “Sage and Sapphire”.

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