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Spindy Spotlight 1Mo (Show Out)


Monique hannah better known as 1MO 

is the fiesty, firery, fun and very confident recording artist on the independent (Michigan based) music label Streetnoise Entertainment. 

1MO brings an exciting addition to the music scene largely due to her ablitlty to fuse her talents as an artist with her empowering display of womanhood that is often being complimented  as very interesting  and relatiable by her audiences.

She often full of suprises and  often appears online with truelife freestyles that showcases her  carefree indepence. In additon to the popup freestyles She has performed several notable features in her introduction to the musicscene,  

 1MO is featured on BET’s Trap Queen star Big Fifty debut single entitled Do It Like Big Fifty 

She collaborates with fellow labelmate Looze Cannon on the hot new single Cant relate. Is featured on Detroit  rap artist  MDOT Taylor  new single entitled Stand Out. and appears on the streetnoise record label party anthem titled All Night

There are many sides to this artist so it dont stop there. 1MO is a deep rooted fashionista and wants people  gravitate to is her fashion sense and her ablilty to transform and bring to life clothing and accesores no matter what the fashion piece is. ” Its all about the mood and what im feeling like that moment. she says “I love to wear things make me feel good it and it usually comes off that way.”

1MO considers herself a introvert at times  but has her socialable side and loves to surround herelf with good vibes and positive spirits. While hip hop is her prefered  genre of music and every now and then she loves to showcase her soulful side and love for sultry and soulful music. 

You can find  follow and subscribe to 1MO on instgram at @official__1mo

Twitter @ 1Mo_only

TickToc@ 1MO.official 

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