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Ta3 Denzel Mixed Emotions (Official Music Video)

Ta3 Denzel was dicovered by Freeway Rick Ross in 2019 who is also responsible for introducing him to Looze Cannon and Streetnoise Entertainment who Ta3 recently signed to January 2021. Ta3 Denzel is described as what he like’s to refer to himself as a “wildcard”. You could hear a street record melodic or lyrical he does not disappoint. He’s even known to step a little out of his lane with R&B. “After keeping a close eye to the my favorite artist and the recording process since I was 8 years old, I began to notice that Hip-Hop/Rap music started to evolve. It made things easier for me to adapt when melody became a big thing in our genre.” 

From his childhood to approaching adulthood as a teenager he was Being influenced heavily by different types of artist from Lil Wayne, Drake, Future,  & pop icons like Micheal Jackson. Over a few years Denzel has managed to release a couple of mixtapes from his home studio (“3rd dimension” *2019* & “Mentalitty” *2020*) but this time around with his first deal with streetnoise he wants to show the world that he’s here for a reason and there will be much more to look forward to. 

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