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Twin brothers develop financial education app for hip-hop artists

Antoine and Santoine Jackson (Photo courtesy)

Antoine and Santoine Jackson, founders of The College of Hip Hop (Photo Credit: The College of Hip Hop)

In the entertainment industry, issues with the IRS and taxes make headlines often. The College of Hip Hop is the one-stop shop for entertainment education and coaching. It’s a place to learn the fundamentals of the entertainment game to avoid tax evasion, copyright infringement, etc.

Sharing a passion for music, the founders of TCOHH are musically inclined twin brothers, Antoine and Santoine Jackson, hailing from Inkster, Michigan. Founded in 2013, The College of Hip Hop has expanded its platform creating the first educational phone app for music and hip-hop. Available in Google Play and Apple stores, the app allows users to view audio seminars, assist in creating copyrights, publishing and more.

Here, the twin brothers share why they started their business and the process to bring the app to market.

What prompted you two to go into business together?
Going into business with each other was really a no-brainer for us; we have been in business with each other since before day one. We are identical twins so if one is doing it so is the other. We live a lifestyle based on the principle of “I want for my brother what I want for myself” and that’s one of the main reasons we chose to make The College of Hip Hop App free across all app platforms.

Why did you choose this platform?
The College of Hip Hop platform was created to strictly educate anyone interested in entertainment education. Far too often in this field, we hear horror stories of people getting the bad end of a deal simply because they are either miss educated or uneducated.

What is each of your educational backgrounds? Employment backgrounds?
Our educational backgrounds are business and education (AJ) and IT and technical writing (SJ), Our employment backgrounds are entrepreneurship, marketing and management.

What is each of your roles in the business? What’s your expertise?
AJ has the role of CEO and SJ is the president. We both are content creators for the app and SJ is development. AJ’s expertise is management and motivation and SJ’s is marketing and promotions

How do you use technology and social media to promote your campaign, i.e., to build awareness?
We use social networking to discover and build business relationships as well as get the word out about The College of Hip Hop cell phone app. We use technology to provide the content to our target market with the app. We are able to provide this platform to our target market on any cell phone and/or tablet for free through technology and that is a great thing.

How important is technology or social media to your business?
Technology is very important when it comes to The College of Hip Hop app; our goal is to have our app on all the phones and other devices of people interested in educating themselves in the entertainment industry. However, “social media/networks” are not so important to us because we’d rather you download our app rather than “like” a post or “follow” us on any social site. Those sites already have their space on your phone.

What was the process like to get the app completed?
The process for completion of The College of Hip Hop app was long and filled with intensive research. We had to first be sure that there was no other app out there like ours. Then we had to be sure that all the information we provided was correct and up to date. After doing the research we started the design process, and that was easy because we already had a pre-vision on what we would accept and would not accept.

For more information, visit thecollegeofhiphop.org.

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