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Von Ca$hh – DEMONS

What it is? I’m Von Ca$hh. I’m from Baltimore city, but I reside in Atlanta. Let me tell you a quick story real fast. Right before I came down here when I was 16, I went to a school called Baltimore talent development. Kinda like a alternative school.. I couldn’t get into any other ones at the moment. Long story short I had a class there that was a music/creative arts class. My first day was like in the middle of the school year. Side note, mind you I knew so many people from my other school I went to in the city it was a junior high/elem school called Montebello. So yeah, my first day of class we had to write a poem or a rap something that rhymed for real. My first day they made my go first you feel me? So I say my poem I wrote but I rapped it. Got a applause from the whole class, and every since then every day I’ll write and everybody was waiting to hear me talk my talk. Right there, that’s when I wanted to do something with music. It was a thought. Now it’s a lifestyle. I fell in love with it.

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